Currency Explaination

The Currency

Major or Cross.....?
Major : Base Currency

Direct : that ended with usd behind.
example: eur/usd, gbp/usd, nzd/usd. . etc
Redirect: currency that start with usd in front of.
example: usd/jpy, usd/chf, usd/cad..etc

Cross : currency not at pasanga with usd. example: gbp/jpy, gbp/aud etc.

Currency Character.

Every currency has certain individuality and follow trade rule a country. , follow currency characteristic towards transaction market forex global:

  • GBP
          If economy indicator positive possibility sentiment" buy" high.
  • EUR
          Not  influenced dollar, because economy at europe full he is depend on export.
  • CAD 
         Very sensitive (depend on) towards world crude oil price, remember canadian one of [the] 9 biggest
         oil exporters of world.
  • JPY
         Mechanical industries in Japan much like a big factory in oil prices is very influential on Japanese
         currency, so if world oil prices expensive may be many manufacturers will go bankrupt in Japan .
  •  AUD
          Very depend on towards gold price because australia biggest gold importer rank number 2 in world.  
  • CHF
         Incline stable.
  • NZD
          Follow aussie (aud) because economy new zealand base on australian political economy conditon.

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Anonymous said...

i have started playing forex for almost 3 years,, and finally i've understood some of the system,, i am planning to formulate a robot,, but too bad i am lack of programming skills,, do u by any chance understand programming? do u want to work together in making the trading robot with me? thanks